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Shuttle Service in Columbus, OH

How can I open a personal or corporate account? 

Call 614-274-2500 or email
We will need a business account application completed and faxed to us at 614-274-2600.
Click to download our Business Account Application
What standards are in place to maintain the safety and security of all passengers?

Our Chauffeur Training & Safety program is recognized by the National Safety Council with an emphasis on passenger safety, comfort and defensive driving skills. Our chauffeurs are subject to extensive and ongoing training and certification. Additionally, we are insured by a leading nationally-accredited A-rated carrier for up to $5M in Liability Coverage.
If unable to locate my chauffeur, whom should I call?

If you are unable to locate your chauffeur, please call Cardinal Transportation at 614-274-2500 [or 888-636-5466] immediately and we will contact the chauffeur via direct radio communication and coordinate a meet location.
Should I tip my chauffeur?

A basic gratuity is included in our rates. Any additional gratuity you may wish to give the driver is at your own discretion.

We have answers to all your questions.

How many hours before my pick-up should I notify you with the changes?

As soon as you are aware of any changes you need to make, please contact our office at 614-274-2500. As long as the driver has not already been dispatched, we can make the changes for you without penalty. Drivers are typically dispatched approx. 2 hours prior to the trip, possibly further out depending on the pick-up time and location.
What is your cancellation policy?
  • Airport Transfers: 2 Hours
  • Limousines: 7 Days [less the deposit]
  • Buses: 14 Days [less the deposit]
  • All deposits are non-refundable
Whom do I contact if I need to cancel a reservation?

Call our office at 614-274-2500 and speak with one of our reservation agents.
What are your airport pick-up policies?

All passengers are met on the baggage claim level, at the bottom of the escalator nearest the appropriate luggage carousel. Your chauffeur will be holding a marquee that reads the lead passenger’s last name unless otherwise specified. This is subject to change pending security measures.
How many hours should I arrive at the airport in advance of my flight departure?

One to one and a half hours prior to a domestic departure, and at least 2-3 hours prior to an international departure.

We offer a number of charter-based options to suit your needs.

How far in advance should I book my bus rental? 

Normally 3 to 6 months in advance is recommended. However some dates in April, May, June and many weekend dates will book full 6-9 months in advance, while other times in January and February can be booked up to a week before your trip.
Does Cardinal Transportation have regular scheduled runs from city to city?

No, we are exclusively a charter operation for groups who charter the complete coach to go to the destination of their choice.
Do you travel to Canada or Mexico?

Do you arrange for tickets at attractions and arrange tours?

No, we leave that up to the group. We do ask to be supplied with a copy of your itinerary so our driver will know when to take you to what destinations.
Can we take food or drinks on the charter bus?

Yes, food and drinks are permitted. We supply the trash bags and request that the coach is kept clean for the group’s comfort.
Can we bring alcoholic beverages on the charter bus?

No, alcoholic beverages are not permitted. Contact our team to learn more.
Can we smoke on the motor coach?

No, all of our vehicles are non-smoking. If your group wishes to smoke, we will be glad to make rest stops as needed.
Is the group responsible for the driver’s meals and lodging?

The driver normally takes care of his or her own meals, though if you wish to include the driver in group meals that is appreciated. We do normally ask the group to take care of the driver’s lodging, as it is beneficial to have the driver at the same hotel as the group. Many times the group may even get a better rate than with an individual hotel. Please be sure to ask if the hotel has bus parking on-location.
Does your motor coach have restrooms?

Yes, all of our motor coaches are restroom equipped. We provide the toiletries and hand-sanitizer.
What other amenities are on the coach?

All of our coaches are equipped with DVD, CD, AM/FM radios, PA systems, reclining seats, individual reading lights, and of course air conditioning. Feel free to bring your favorite videos to watch while traveling. Our larger 56 passenger coaches are equipped with VCR in addition to the DVD.
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